Welcome to our website!

We are Immortalis Noctis, a Dominion guild from Europe.

We are friends from other MMOs (primarily Guild Wars(1 + 2), World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift).

Immortalis Noctis was started as a semi-hardcore PvP/PvE Legion in Aion where we went to claim the server top spot for AP and maintain a reputation as one of the best legions on the server.


Kuralak Down!

Took a while but there we go, Kuralak has been defeated by Immortalis Noctis!
Onwards ye mateys!


We are Raiding, we-we are Raiding!

Howdeh all,

After a few nights of knocking heads together and some glitchy as hell trash mobs, we're happy to announce we're now making progress in the Genetic Archives!  X-89 went down last night along with the Malformed Mutant and Genetic Monstrosity, so now the push is on to take Kuralak! 



Strain Ultradrop is live!

Strain is about to infect Nexus, what ya gonna do about it Cupcake? The theme of first WS content patch is Feel the Strain! (click the hot-link for partial patch notes).

Here's WildStar DevSpeak: Strain, where you can find more about what's to come, new zone, new housing items, new lore and then t...


Post Launch News

Hi folks!

Lots has happened since release but there has been no news posts since I got lazy, so here goes...

Headstart began Saturday the 31st of May and went well, for those who could log on. Through much rage and queues the headstart passed with Veona/Dystopia getting the guild first 50.

Then come...


Server Chosen!

Howdeh folks!

As you may know, Carbine released the launch server list today and we’re happy to announce we’ll be rolling on Hazak, keeping true to our PvP roots!

Not much else to say other than make sure to roll your characters there and we’ll see you on launch!  If you’ve got any questions make s...