We are Immortalis Noctis, a Dominion guild from Europe.

We are friends from other MMOs (primarily Guild Wars(1 + 2), World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift).

Immortalis Noctis was started as a semi-hardcore PvP/PvE Legion in Aion where we went to claim the server top spot for AP and maintain a reputation as one of the best legions on the server.


Avatus Down! Datascape cleared!

Annnd it's done! After a few nights progression the final bastion of Datascape has fallen! Avatus is down, and way before our Xmas goal.  Now to step up against Hardmentors whilst we prep for Redmoon in the new year.

Big congratulations to all, a kill well worth the effort put into it.

/Council ...


Avatus Awaits!


That's right folks, Life/Fire down along with Water/Logic and Life/Air last week, rounding off the "hard" elemental pairs! After reforming and blitzing Datascape harder than London, we're here, staring down the barrel of some rather oversized hologuns and ready to take down the Dat...


IN Goes 5.3(6)/9 in Datascape!

What happens when you combine the Datascape, the IN raid team and no server issues?  Three new bosses down in one night, that's what happens!

After a few cancelled raids due to server lag, Auth server crashes and general F2P transition pain, we finally got to sink our teeth back into Datascape pro...


IN Returns!

Well hello there!

After nearly a year of quietly drifting through space, playing Heroes of the Storm and whatever else we fancy, we’ve decided the time is right to return to Nexus.  With many of our grievances with WildStar patched away and raid size to a far more sustainable 20man, Immortalis Noc...


Immortalis Noctis is saying goodbye to Wildstar

We love Wildstar and many of us have been playing it since early beta but the time has come for us to part ways. We still feel that Wildstar is one of the best MMO's on the market but due to recent steps Carbine has taken, which resulted in a drastic decline of population we have decided that bea...