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Gamescom 2017
« on: August 21, 2017, 04:24:25 pm »

It's that time again! Pack your bags, ready your liver and kidneys and get on your way to GAMESCOM 2017!

[DISCLAIMER] This post was meant to go on the new site, WHICH IS NEARLY-ISH READY-ISH, but Ico is a bloody liability [/DISCLAIMER]

Already a year has passed since the last Gamescom. We have not had much in the way of good games in the past year but Gamescom is always a welcome trip which isnít always about the games (So. Much. Alcohol).

This year is set to match last year's for headcount with roughly 15 IN'ers in attendance and an itinerary that'd make an Scotsman's liver cry! Jokes and near blood alcohol poisoning aside, this year the guild is very proud to be volunteering over at the Crowfall Booth, as many will remember we had a great night with the ACE, Travian and other guilds last year, so we're hoping to pay some of their generosity back!

On top of helping out around the Crowfall booth for two days, we've also got Laser quest, Korean BBQ, trips to Burger Bro's and plenty more in stock for the week, so get HYPPUUUUU!

Back to the topic of games though we've got Destiny 2 to dive into just before we all come home and play the PC Beta and the big hitters like Battlefront II and Blizzards 'Undisclosed Announcment' to check out!

To those of you coming, don't forget you'll want some big soft shoes you can walk around in all day, a swagbag for loot and possibly one of those popup chairs if you really want to queue like a champ!  For those of you not coming, SORT YOUR LIVES OUT MATES!