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Title: Gamescom 2016 is here!
Post by: Ico on August 16, 2016, 10:51:21 pm

Gamescom HYPE!

We have been waiting for this trip to Gamescom to meet up again for too long, but the wait is finally over! With a grand total of 14 people attending this year it is shaping up to be another memorable event.

So with the hype train in full swing, let’s get the IN itinerary (aside from relentless amounts of drinking) down on paper!

Drinking with the Star Citizen Devs

Unfortunately CIG won’t be running their legendary presentation/party night outside of Gamescom this year, instead holding the main event inside Koelnmesse with a few evenings of laid back drinks and SC banter in between, we’re planning to head over to the Deutzer Brauhaus on Thursday the 18th from 8pm to go catch up with the citizens of the ‘verse!

Crowfall VIP Party

As a guild we have been invited to the Crowfall event hosted by Travian. This is the game most of us are looking forward to for our next big MMO, some more than others, judging by their current pledge amount! Since we have been invited as a guild, those of us that have guild polos or hoodies are asked to keep them clean and wear them to this event! REPRESENT!

ESL/Twitch party

The ESL and Twitch are hosting a party on the 20th of August. If you have not got your tickets yet then head here ( to save yourself €5 on the door!
Live DJ sets and free booze at this party, do we need to say more.

Korean BBQ

The last trip to Gamescom, we were not able to get to the Korean BBQ restaurant due to the point below but this time, we’re booking ahead. Currently the day is not set but we will let everyone know when it is booked.  We’re hoping to go on the 20th as a prelude to Twitch messyness!

13 Long Island Ice Teas: The Re-Icening

Our first trip to Gamescom was the origin of the Circle “13 Long Island Ice Teas” and we expect to have plenty more stories to come out of this year’s Gamescom. Plenty of drink and fun to be had. For some, this will be the first time meeting up with everyone in person, others have met before, either at the last GC or other meetups. For everyone though, this should be something that will make those that didn’t attend jealous!

Pack well and prepare your livers, Gamescom is here.