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Title: [Trial] Imperious / TBD
Post by: Imperious on September 19, 2016, 05:54:50 pm
Immortalis Noctis - Why this guild? :
First experience with IN was looking through the information on the Crowfall pages, and seeing 14 people from the UK at the ArtCraft meeting.  That got me interested :  a grp of ppl traveling from the UK to Germany on account of a game, then they must be passionate and have a bond due to experience together from other games.
This group must have a lot of fun together, otherwise they aren't going to go on a weekend trip like that...something I like and approved of.  Even if possible wanner be part of.
So I started to look for your posts on the forum and came up empty, greatly disappointed! So I broadened my search.
I started to look on the web, and was pleased to find a really well designed website, where I started to read through your updates - which didn't let me down.
I see unity, experience and a strong social bond - something that makes guilds persist the test of time. 

Me :
I'm a 43 year old bloke, married with a couple of children.  I reside in Copenhagen, but work in Malmø.

Previous gaming experience :
I'm a crafting and auction house whore.  Meaning all of the games I have played have required a lot of funding.  Since I'm not always able to get into raids due to my online times and since hardcore PvP also requires more time that I have on my hands I've had to carve out my own niché - Earn what you can and trade to the rest.

The first game I started with was World of warcraft, that might not be the best background, since it's a PvE heavy environment, but one I was part of.  I've been part of Vanilla when you needed more than just your skills to succeed.  You needed the farmed pots and crafted items in order to succeed.  WoW and a good spreadsheet was an excellent start to learning how to farm the auction hall, and in that way don't need to spend hours upon hours farming materials.
After WoW I started playing GW2, here once more using the trading post to acquire what I needed.  Here it was much easier to get into the PvP scene since you got max level gear on the go in battlegrounds. 
With Crowfall I hope to put GW2 behind me, and play a game that goes the "distance", a game that doesnt end with the next 20 minutes of the battleground.  GW2 has a taste of this with their open world PvP - I just want more!

Previous Guilds :
In all of the games I have played, be that WoW, GW2 or now Crowfall it is my experience that numbers count. 
A guild brings with it a lot of versatility and the amount of shared experience and knowledge is a must - especially in a games where you will only win through cooperation.
I have always been a crafter - well what I mean is the time I have to farm has been somewhat limited so instead of focusing on being able to craft and farm everything myself I have been able to create a network of suppliers, who in return has received favors or crafted items in return.  Something I'd love to continue in Crowfall.

I hope my application catches your eye and can provide you with a member you can see aiding the guild

Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Tyrall on September 19, 2016, 07:17:15 pm
Hello Imperious,

thank you for your interest in applying to IN. The Council will review your application and get back to you shortly.

Our website is currently under development. This is just a temporary solution. Also we'll be launching a full scale invasion on Crowfall very soon, which will include guild recruitment topic on official forum boards, testing and role assignments.

To correct you a little, we're not only from UK, we're from all over EU. Out of those 14 people I think 2 were from UK, while others from Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweeden, Norway etc...
Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Imperious on September 19, 2016, 07:31:09 pm
Thank you for the reply Tyrall.

I am very much aware of the diversity of the guild, it was though those 14 members that brought my attention to IN :)  Full invasion?  Scary.
Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Tyrall on September 20, 2016, 07:13:21 pm
We'd like to schedule a short informal interview over Discord this week. Would that be something you are interested in? It would give us a chance to get to know you better and at the same time you'll see if we're the right fit for you. We're available from Thursday till Sunday post 18:00 CET. 
Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Imperious on September 21, 2016, 12:40:04 pm

That sounds really good, I'll clear the schedule  ;D  Aiming for Thursday around 19 CET (Gotta get past the kids bedtime)

Will you be using the community DISCORD?
Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Tyrall on September 21, 2016, 01:15:26 pm
Great, Thursday post 19:00 CET it is. Poke either me or Jenro over Discord any time from now on and we'll give you a link to our Discord server.
Title: Re: Crowfall - Application
Post by: Tyrall on September 27, 2016, 01:08:15 pm
The application has been resolved. Welcome to the guild.

Topic locked.