Author Topic: WSW: Crossing The Streams!  (Read 1796 times)


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WSW: Crossing The Streams!
« on: October 16, 2013, 03:03:24 pm »

Wednesday comes round and it's time for another snippet of information to placate ourselves with!

This week is all about WS's X-realm features, so if you only ever plan on playing with guildies, then click ba..NAH READ IT ALL ANYWAY!

Team WildStar run us through the X-realm features we can expect on launch.  The biggest news here is there will be a full X-realm dungeon finder.  This dungeon finder will also come with a toggle for your local server,  so if it takes your fancy you can play across the bounds of space and time, if not you can always set it back to only search your local server.  There will also be X-realm grouping and full chat to allow you to organise with you ethereal cross dimensional buddies.  There hasn't however, been any word on the issue of X-realm raiding, but it currently looks like there will be no LFR and no X-realm raiding (*cheers!*).

As a guild this won't have too much of an effect on us considering that most of our interactions will be internal, but now at least if one of your friends roll on the wrong server, you can still send them abuse without logging onto an alt!

As always you can see the full document on the WildStar site, here!

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